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Novidrill©-START Series - NEW!!!!

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Novidrill©-START Series

Entry level affordable high quality EDM drilling Machines

Available for order march 2020

New high quality entry model

Novidrill©-START series

Maximum precision to the finest detail with the new Novidrill©-START EDM drilling machine range

The  Novidrill©-START series machines are full option entry level EDM Hole Drills designed for drilling hard materials.  The standard machine is suitable for diameters of 0.3mm – 3.0mm this range can be extended down to 0.1 mm and up to 6.0mm using a different head.

Solid mechanical engineering. EDM drilling machines also have to be equipped to withstand loads. The start series therefore builds on the fgranite table principle with solid and high precision components. Granite forms the foundation for precision. The focus is always on immaculate machining results.

High Efficiency EDM Drill Machines

The compact, entry-level Novidrill©-START features high-efficiency linear guideways and a 100L DI/Filter comes standard.

Novidrill©-START 300: The X-axis travel measures 300 mm, Y-axis at 200 mm, Z-axis at 350 mm and W-axis at 300 mm. Table dimensions are 350 x 250 mm. Maximum workpiece height is 400 mm with maximum workpiece weight capacity at 150 kg.

Novidrill©-START 450: The X-axis travel measures 450 mm, Y-axis at 500 mm, Z-axis at 370 mm and W-axis at 300 mm. Table dimensions are 500 x 400 mm. Maximum workpiece height is 500 mm with maximum workpiece weight capacity at 200 kg.


Ergonomic fixed Granite table

Good accessibility permits convenient and swift set-up.

The tidy, granitebased work area is designed and optimised for easy workpiece clamping.

Furthermore, the fixed table makes the machine compact and permits loading with heavier workpieces


Solid base, high-grade guides and spindles

In the service of precision, the machine base is solidly designed. The granite stiffening components and high-grade linear guides are an assurance of durability and long-term accuracy. The granite base of the work table also prevents accidental drilling into the table

Intelligent generator technology

The generator is designed for lowwear operation without compromising on performance. Micro Discharge Technology makes it possible. Drilling technology for a variety of tasks is available in the technology database. For exotic materials, technologies can be modified and stored at any time – in-built flexibility

Maintenance made easy

The entire dielectric preparation and supply is accommodated in the machine base. This saves space and eliminates tripping hazards. All components are readily accessible at arm’s length, which makes maintenance easy. Long-lasting filters and the use of standard deionising resin keep operating costs low in addition. Simply an intelligent solution.


More economical is not possible.

Unique use of Waterjet high pressure pump in EDM Drilling

High speed drilling with reduced bullet nosing

Everything within reach

Another intelligent solution: the integrated storage pocket for accessories like electrode tubes, the user’s manual and any other documents. Everything in its place and directly available – integrated in the machine, within easy reach.

Soon Available

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