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Novidrill PRO+ : Affordable CNC EDM drilling

Available : Shipment June 2019

Novidrill PRO plus : Full 3 - 4 - 5 axis affordable CNC edm drilling

Affordable complex CNC drilling : 3 - 4 -5 axis CNC control

Efficient EDM Drilling Solutions for Complex Production Applications

EDM Hole Drilling uses an energized rotating tube electrode with high pressure flushing to produce fast and accurate machining of small deep holes in conductive metals.  Novick’s EDM Drilling machines are designed for the highest level of accuracy, reliability, and productivity, and offer unique solutions for high volume production applications.

Drill through anything (conductive) in any angle

with our new Electrical Discharge CNC Drilling Machining

Novidrill PRO-+ range

New Available for shipment june 2019

Model   Novidrill 300Pro+ Novidrill 400Pro+ Novidrill 500Pro+ Novidrill 650Pro+ Novidrill 800Pro+
Table dimensions mm 320 x 560 380 x 680 570 x 820 685 x 1020 750 x 1150
X-Y stroke mm 200 x 300 300 x 400 400 x 500 500 x 650 630 x 800
Z Stroke mm 350 350 350 350 350
W Stroke mm 260 260 260 260 260


Novidrill PRO-plus

High End CNC EDM controller

The Novidrill embedded high-end CNC system have been widely applied to machine tool and other manufacturing industries. Customized development was carried out according to Novidrill's demands and it’s of high flexibility.  

The Novidrill's CNC Controller is an embedded intelligent control system with independent core technology, and is the key product researched and developed successfully for the purpose of breaking foreign countries’ monopoly in high-end control technology.

Novidrill series network-based CNC system: the product is the core product researched and developed successfully by the company on the basis of CNC system software & hardware platform of Ethernet communication technology of completely proprietary intellectual property rights.

The main technical indexes include: 
1) 5 control shafts + main shaft, 5-shaft linkage;
2) Minimum moving unit: 0.001mm, maximum speed: 60m/min;
3) Radius, length, abrasion and reverse gap compensation of the tool;
4) High-speed & high-precision 3D dynamic front contouring control; 
5) Rapid graphic simulation display and real-time 3D trajectory dynamic graphic processing analog display; 
6) Break-point memory processing and power-off protection function;
7) It’s able to designate to start processing from any line;
8) Interface signal: 32I/24O; 
9) It can extend to 196I/196O through CAN bus;
10) It supports the input of documents in DXF format directly.

Super simple menu Programming

Conversational input

Soon More info

Novidrill PRO+ - EDM drilling in 5 axis

Five axis EDM drilling, CNC 5 axis drilling

Affordable CNC EDM drilling machines with a range of features at a similar price to a manual machine from others

Novidrill PRO-plus assembly line


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